Come from word Exotic /ɪgˈzɒtɪk/ plant or animal from overseas, especially the tropics. Most commonly word related to the bird.

We could tell you that we are a team from Novi Sad, Serbia, established a few years ago.

We could tell you that our main services are UI/UX design and front end development.

We could tell you that we use latest technologies such as HTML5 or that we use the best from CSS3 (and even tell you that we use transitions and animations).

We can even tell you that we care about maintainability of your website/app, its performance or scalability and that we are passionate about planning our front end architecture using latest preprocessors (such as SASS).

Or we can tell you about our designers and their dedicated passion to make pixel perfect, user friendly, responsive web designs with modern approach.

But we won’t tell you all that, because all you need to know is that in our focus is old-fashioned care about our clients with state of the art technology.